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Update of 17/08/2021

In line with Discord’s new announcement pushing developers to use the new bot interaction methods, we will soon be updating Application Bot to work with slash commands only as well as buttons and dropdown menus. This is a much nicer and more reliable way of interacting with the bot.


Link to Discords Update:

Update of 20/08/2021

New Application Bot Interactions!
Today we have updated Application Bot and Application Bot Premium to work with slash commands! From now on, all the commands can be found by typing / followed by the command, try this out using /help. This is part of Discord’s push to get bot developers to use their new interfacing tools. To ease the transition, we have kept the %apply command for now however, we will be phasing this out before April 2022. Along with this, we have also added dropdown menus for selecting applications and buttons to replace all reactions. Overall these new interfacing tools are great and they make the bot much cleaner and easier to use. Some servers may need to enable slash commands, if you do need to do this, please click these links:

Application Bot:

Application Bot Premium:


Since April 2022 we are fully integrated into the slash commands and the % prefix is no longer in use.

Updated on May 27, 2022

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