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Accepting / Declining Applications

How do I accept or decline applications?

Looking to accept/reject in interview channels? That information can be found here instead.

You can now Accept/Decline applications using our online dashboard. Simply select your server once you have logged on from the list on the right.

Can’t see your server? View this article.

Then select the clipboard icon from the menu. This is the Application Review Log. Selecting your active application from the list on the right, will populate the middle section with all the application responses. You can then Accept/Reject each response using the buttons on the response.

Accepting Applications

When the accept button is pressed, a pop-up window will open. You can send a custom DM message to the applicant by typing a message in the dialogue box. You can also choose a role from the dropdown menu which the bot will automatically assign to the applicant.

Accept Pop-Up

You can assign a default message to appear in the box in the dashboard settings.

If a role doesn’t get assigned, check out some troubleshooting options in this article.

Rejecting Application

Similarly, when the reject button is pressed, a pop-up window will open. You can send a custom reject message by typing in the dialogue box.

Reject Pop-Up

If you need anymore help with accepting/rejecting responses, you can join our support server.

Updated on May 27, 2022

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