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Frequently Asked Questions

Below there will be a list of frequently asked questions with answers! If it still doesn’t work, feel free to contact the support team in our discord.

Why does the bot appear offline?
This could mean that the bot is under maintenance.

Why doesn’t the bot create a logging channel?
Make sure you have this enabled in the settings under logging in the dashboard. Whenever someone applies this channel is automatically created by the bot.

Why does nothing happen when I click on my server?
It’s a slight difference, but three icons appear on the left of your screen when you click on your server. These are: a pen, a clipboard and a gear icon. These are for creating applications, reviewing your applications and changing your settings.

Why does someone get an error (Error: Application Bot does not have the required permissions to perform this action.) after applying?
Most likely this person has their DMs closed!

Why does the bot not respond to my application command?
Have you changed the prefix? Check this in the dashboard!

Why does the apply role function not work when you accept someone?
If giving all the permissions to the bot doesn’t work and the bot is above the role you try to give in the role system. Try to give the bot in the specific channel where these persons are (like a welcome channel) the needed permissions and try again.

I bought premium, but it still doesn’t work. How do I fix this?
If you’ve bought premium, you have to invite the premium bot to your server and kick the free version bot. The premium bot has the yellow icon and the free version has the red icon. They also have their individual names so they are easy to identify.

If there’s any other question you have but don’t see here, please contact us in our discord!

Updated on September 10, 2021

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