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Getting Started

First of there’s two versions, non-premium and premium. The difference between these two is that the premium version has no limits of the amount of items and numbers of to do lists.

To invite either one of the bots go to this article here.
To find all the commands of the bot go to this article here.

To get the ToDo List Bot started you can change your prefix first by typing ”!setup” this will give the following embed:

Now type the title of your to do list. After you’ve done this you get the following embed:

The bot will also make a channel for your to do list, this will appear at the top of the channel list. You can rename this channel to whatever you like.

When you click on this channel, the following embed will show:

Now you can start adding items that you have to do to your to do list by typing <prefix>add <text> in this channel!

Your list will look like this.

Removing A Task

If you want to remove an item simply type <prefix>remove <number>.

Other options

You can also shuffle the items on the list, clear the whole list and let the bot show you all your current lists

Having and/or creating multiple ToDo lists is a premium feature.

Updated on July 27, 2021

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