• Internal Server Error

    Why am I getting an Internal Server Error? Here’s a few ways you can resolve this issue: Reload the dashboard. Clear your browser’s cache. Delete your browser’s cookies. Try using a different browser. Still having trouble? Let us know in #bug-report in our Discord Server.

  • How To Add More Questions

    Wondering why you can’t add more questions to a free application? This article can help. Why can’t I add more questions? Free users can only add 4 questions to their current application as storing and processing lots of questions takes up a lot of resources. In order to bypass this…

  • How To Add Application Bot To Your Server:

    Contains everything you need to add Application Bot to your server. Application Bot:To add Application Bot to your server, invite it using this link: Click Here Application Bot Premium:To add Application Bot Premium to your server, invite it using this link: Click Here

  • Fusion Amethyst

    Can I invite Fusion Amethyst to my server? Unfortunately we do not currently have a public version of Fusion Amethyst for you to add to your server. However, we are looking into releasing something similar in the future.

  • Creating An Application

    How do I create an application? Struggling to set up your first application? Here’s a step by step guide: Firstly, head over to the dashboard and select your server from the list onthe right. It should look something like this: Next, select the pencil icon on the left. You should…

  • Closing Applications

    Can I close my application? Unfortunately we do not currently have a feature to close applications. You may wish to remove your application or blacklist your application channel using %blacklist to stop applications. Alternatively, you can delete your application from the dashboard however, this will delete it permanently.

  • Accepting / Declining Applications

    How do I accept or decline applications? You can now Accept/Decline applications using our online dashboard. Simply select your server once you have logged on from the list on the right. Then select the clipboard icon from the menu. This is the Application Review Log. Selecting your active application from…

  • Insuffcient Permissions

    Theres a few reasons this error message may pop up when executing a command in your server. Firstly, ensure you have Direct Messages From Server Members enabled. You can do this by clicking on your server name at the top of the screen and selecting Privacy Settings. From here, ensure…

  • Getting Started

    Struggling to setup Application Bot in your server? Here’s everything you need to know. Firstly, make sure Application Bot has been added to your server. If you haven’t done this already, you can do so by clicking here. Now it’s time to design your application. Visit the dashboard by clicking…

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